Terms and Conditions

Your use of MyPostageRateSaver, in any of its configurations, is subject to the terms of the product License Agreement, and constitutes your agreement and reaffirmation of all such terms and conditions. Unless you notify MyPostageRateSaver of any discrepancies within thirty (30) days of the charge for the order, they will be deemed acceptable by you for all purposes, including resolution of inquiries made by your card issuer and you release MyPostageRateSaver from all liabilities and claim of loss resulting from any error or discrepancy. Automatic Update Plans require your acceptance of a minimum of four releases of the software before you have the option of canceling. The Automatic Update Plan subscription does not end until you contact MyPostageRateSaver to discontinue service. Annual Plans require your acceptance of twelve consecutive releases of the software with no option of canceling. MyPostageRateSaver does not accept returns and does not provide refunds of MyPostageRateSaver.

This license entitles you to use the Licensed Software on an unlimited number of computers at a single location, and permits a specific volume of use at that single site, which you may increase or decrease after purchasing the License. If you want to use the Licensed Software on any computer in a different location, then you must purchase a separate license for that different location through either the MyPostageRateSaver online store, or MyPostageRateSaver's sales department at sales@mypostageratesaver.com or www.mypostageratesaver.com.


If any such change is unacceptable to you, Automatic Update Plan subscribers may terminate the subscription by providing MyPostageRateSaver notice of cancellation before the first day of the next release month. MyPostageRateSaver, in any of its configurations, are released monthly. Your continued subscription following the effective date shall constitute your acceptance of such change.